Desayuno con diamantes: SwetUno


Heidelberg, Germany.


When and how were your beginnings?
i started graffiti writing 1989.
friends of my school had a graffiti magazine from zurich, called 14K.
it was just black and white and one of the first graffiti magazine in europe. i was so flashed by all the pieces from london, paris and amsterdam.
so i took alot of pics in basel, switzerland, where i grow up at the famous basel trainline and started painting with some friends.

Which are your influences?
influences are of course all big writers worldwide. but also music, good musicvideos or just a good talk with someone who´s important for me can be a big influence.

Which are your last projects or futures ones?
I have alot little projects all the time. the next one is in a recordstore in heidelberg, called "musikzimmer". i will paint to experimental jazz sounds from dj bergheim slim and alphonzo mutombo.
my second solo show starts at 23.12. here in heidelberg. 3 big rooms in "volksstudio", powered by "subkultureller fortschritt".

In which technique are you feel most confortable?
I believe in spraycans with original cap.

A color?

Wich are your favourite city?
I love heidelberg and Basel.

Something you want to add?
No rebels no future.

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